Exotic Pet and Avian Vet in Arab

At Arab Veterinary Hospital, we treat pets of all shapes and sizes from Arab, Guntersville, Decatur, Huntsville and Blountsville.

Non-traditional pets are welcome. Exotic pets are unique and they require more specialized care. Our veterinary team is happy to be your exotic pet and avian vet. We can offer direction and answer your questions regarding:

  • Habitat
  • Nutrition
  • Socialization
  • Handling
  • Parasite Control

A wellness exam for your exotic pet provides a perfect opportunity to ask questions regarding their health and behavior. Our doctors will evaluate them with a thorough physical exam  and if necessary opt for further diagnostics.

As an avian and exotic animal hospital, non-traditional pets including birds, reptiles, and small exotic mammals can find a home here with us. Your exotic pet requires just as much (and sometimes more!) wellness care as a cat or dog to remain healthy. Our skilled veterinarians will provide your unique pet with the care they need to live long, happy lives with you. Call us at (256) 586-3183 to make an appointment today!

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Ready for Care That's as Unique and Special as Your Pet?

Why Avian & Exotic Pets Need Specialized Care

Avian and exotic pets have very particular needs that are vastly different from a cat or dog's needs. Their nutrition, habitat, and socialization are all unique to each species. Furthermore, many exotic species such as small rodents, rabbits, lizards, and many birds are prey animals, which makes them experts at hiding illness. Therefore, it is often very difficult to pick up on their well-concealed illnesses. Yet, as an avian and exotic animal hospital, our experienced veterinarians and support staff can detect the subtle hints pointing to sickness.

Providing Care for Exotic Species

In order to care for them properly and give them the best life possible, it’s best to do your research (and talk to us!) to learn about your pet’s individual needs. In general, exotic species do best when their habitat in your home matches closely with their natural habitat in the wild. At an exotic or avian pet wellness exam, we’ll begin by asking you about important elements of their home life including:

  • Habitat - Ideally, it should model their natural habitat as well as provide mental stimulation to deter boredom.
  • Nutrition – Nutrition should match their natural diet; however, some commercial feed also provides the appropriate nutrients for their long-term health.
  • Socialization – Some pets are social beings (such as birds and rabbits) and require the company of another of their species for happiness. On the other hand, reptiles are solitary and are much more content on their own.
  • Handling – Each pet has different handling needs according to their individual level of tolerance. Small mammals and birds are typically receptive to human touch while many reptiles prefer minimal handling (yet some, such as bearded dragons and turtles do generally enjoy human company).
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Our Wellness Care for Avian & Exotic Pets

A wellness exam for your exotic pet is the perfect time to ask questions about their health and behavior, so you can give them the care they need. Also, we will be able to evaluate them with a thorough physical and may opt to perform routine blood work to screen for any unseen diseases.

To learn more about us and our experience as an exotic animal and avian vet, please call us today at (256) 586-3183 and set up your pet’s appointment!