Boarding Preparations for Dogs and Cats in Arab, AL

Are you a pet owner in Arab, Alabama and are wanting to board your pet? Look no further, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to help your experience go smoothly.

boarding dogs and cats

Do the Research

The very first thing you want to do is check out your local boarding facilities online and talk to your veterinarian. Most boarding facilities can be checked out online through their website or google. If you would like a tour, most kennels will oblige if you call ahead. There are many considerations you should explore before making a reservation, below are some general ones:

Does Your Pet Have Special Needs Such as: Special Diet, Medications, or Health Issues?

Not all boarding facilities can administer medications. Some medications, such as insulin injections, need an experienced care giver to provide. Also, If your pet has a medical issue that could need special attention or may need sudden medical care (ex: seizures, neurological disease, organ failure, etc) it may be best to board your pet at a local veterinary hospital that provides this.

What Hours are Staff at the Facility and How Often are the Dogs Walked Each Day?

If you pet needs to go out more often you may want, use a kennel that has longer staff hours. Ask what’s included with your pet’s stay. Additional walks, playtime, grooming services, and more are often extra.

What is the Facility’s Policy if a Pet is Sick or Injured While You’re Away?

No one wants to worry about something happening while you’re away, but the reality is that sometimes things happen. It’s prudent to ask what their protocol is and have a point of contact with someone that can make decisions and be reached in case of an emergency.

What Vaccines, Parasite Control and Testing Do I Need for My Dog to Board?

Not all kennels are created equal. The most common vaccines required for boarding are Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (also known as kennel cough), but this can vary. Most organizations require a recent fecal and they will inquire about your flea, tick, and heart worm prevention.

Vet Visits

Can’t remember the last time your pet went to the vet? It’s strongly recommended that you double check with your kennel all the vaccines and testing your pet needs, several weeks in advance. Then call your veterinarian and check to see if your pet needs anything updated and grab a stool sample if needed. Don’t forget about any medication refills your pet may need as well.  This will be the best time to ask your veterinarian if there is anything else you may need to consider before dropping off your pet.

Final Preparations

Now that you have the information you need, it’s time to prep you pet’s suitcase. Take the time to double check when your pets’ flea, tick, and heart worm prevention is due and if it needs to be given while you’re away.  If so, include it in their belongings for drop off. You may even want to write a little note to go along with it in case there are questions later. Any medications in pill bottles should be left with their original labels for the staff to refer back to it while you’re away.

A sudden change in diet can sometimes lead to an upset stomach, so pack enough food for them for the duration of their stay. Most facilities will allow you to bring a few personal items from home, but don’t dump out the toy box just yet. Pick 1-2 items that are in good condition, that way if they don’t make it back home you your pet won’t miss them. A towel or small blanket with both of your and your pet’s scent on it may also be a comfort. If there is a favorite collar or leash you like to use, this is the time to leave it behind. While your items will most likely make it back home with you after your trip, if you are particularly attached to something it’s best to leave it at home just in case.

Contact Arab Veterinary Hospital if You Want to Board Your Dog or Cat

Considering how long you may be away, you may want to have your pet bathed or groomed prior to drop off or, if available, have them groomed prior to pick up. Now that you’re ready to go, if you haven’t already, have contact information available for whomever can make decisions about the pet and will be available by phone when away. For extended times away it may be prudent to designate a friend or family member that can be contacted, if you’re unavailable, that you feel comfortable making financial and health decisions about your pet. Discussing financial limits for emergency treatment with them will help them make an informed decision in the unlikely event something happens. Writing up a short document with financial parameters you are comfortable with, your contact information, and your designated decision maker’s information is a clearer way to communicate your wishes in your absence.

These are just a few general tips to consider when boarding your pet in Arab, AL. If you have any other questions reach out to your veterinarian or boarding facility. Contact Arab Veterinary Hospital by calling (256) 586-3183. Our dog and cat boarding facility allows pets to experience an environment of comfort, compassion, safety, and uninhibited play.