Dog Separation Anxiety in Arab, AL: How You Can Help

dog separation anxiety arab al

Dog separation anxiety is a common issue faced by many dog owners, and it is a stressful situation to go through. Some of the time, dogs that deal with this will attempt to escape, and this usually results in household destruction and injuries, especially at exit points like windows and doors. Some dogs get anxious…

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Dog Ear Infections: Symptoms and Treatments in Arab, AL

dog ear infection arab al

Dog ears come in different sizes and shapes but have unique anatomy compared to human ears. Dog ear infections are very common, so it is important for dog owners to be able to recognize the signs of this. Head shaking, whining, and scratching are some of the first symptoms of the problem that you will…

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The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams in Arab, AL

pet wellness exam arab al

As a human being, you must routinely schedule medical checkups in order to keep fit and stay healthy. This also applies to your pets. It’s easy to spot your pet’s favorite snack, game, or toy, but you will find it quite challenging to know when there is a medical problem, especially when they appear healthy.…

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Can Dogs Eat Chocolate in Arab, AL?

can dogs eat chocolate Arab

Have you ever wondered whether or not your dog can eat chocolate in Arab, AL? If so, you’re not the only one. Pet owners of all ages find themselves asking it’s safe for their dogs to have a little chocolate now and then.  In the article below, you’ll learn the basics about what makes chocolate…

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What Vaccinations Does a Cow Need in Arab, AL?

cow vaccinations in arab, al

Do you have cows, or are you thinking about buying some cows? Whether you’re raising your cows for meat or dairy purposes or you just want to have a few pet cows on your small farm, you will need to be aware of the vaccinations required for cows where you live. In the United States,…

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Symptoms of Horse Colic in Arab, AL

horse colic in arab, al

There are various symptoms of horse colic that you should be aware of if you own or take care of a horse. You need to take immediate action when you see that signs may be pointing to colic in the horse. Symptoms of colic in the horse can range from depression to the inability to…

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