The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams in Arab, AL

As a human being, you must routinely schedule medical checkups in order to keep fit and stay healthy. This also applies to your pets. It’s easy to spot your pet’s favorite snack, game, or toy, but you will find it quite challenging to know when there is a medical problem, especially when they appear healthy.

Pets age faster than we do, so they must go through a wellness exam at least twice a year. Your pet will get the necessary vaccinations and preventions during this exam to keep them healthy. The earlier a problem or disease is detected, the easier it will be to treat the illness and the higher the success rate.

Prevention is better than cure, so it is essential to discuss with your veterinarian the best wellness program for your dog based on factors such as their breed, unique medical history, and lifestyle. Pet wellness exams are essential, so read on to get all the information you need.

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What is a Pet Wellness Exam?

A pet wellness exam can be defined as the periodic examinations conducted on a pet even when they seem healthy. It can also be called a physical examination, wellness plan or checkup. Exams are not conducted because a pet is sick, but they are undertaken to maintain their health. A pet owner may not know that their pet is ill until they receive the wellness exam results.

These exams are essential for your pets (at least every six months or once a year) to detect any illness that cannot be seen with the naked eye or changes with old age, such as dental diseases and arthritis. A thorough checkup entails lab tests, physical examination, urine tests, and every other important thing needed to ensure that your pet is healthy. It’s the perfect opportunity for your veterinarian to closely look at your pet from its head to tail and pinpoint any disease in its early stage. Lastly, it is the best way to keep track of your pet’s overall health every year.

What Happens in a Pet Wellness Exam?

During a wellness exam, your pet will go through a series of tests to ensure they are healthy. Your veterinarian near Arab, AL may scan them for heartworms and intestinal parasites. Vaccinations will be issued if the vet realizes that your pet needs it alongside the necessary advice and recommendations. You may need to change your pet’s diet as proper nutrition is essential.

As a pet owner, you will be shown how to maintain the appropriate lifestyle for your pet. The vet examines the pet’s mouth, ears, and eyes during a wellness exam while checking its temperature, pulse, and weight. They will listen to your pet’s heartbeat, check their respiration rate and feel their abdominal organs.

They also check the hips, knees, lymph nodes, lungs, and musculoskeletal system. Dental health is not left out as there would also be dental cleaning. Lastly, bone intensity and blood work will be done. Blood work is essential for examining all the organs and if they are functioning correctly. It helps to detect diabetes, kidney problems, anemia, thyroid disease, etc.

Why are Pet Wellness Exams Important?

Routine wellness exams are important for many reasons; some are written below.

Regular Wellness Exams Detect Diseases Early

Your pet may look healthy but there is a chance that they have a disease. The vet can detect this early through occasional exams. This is the primary importance of pet wellness exams that occur at least once a year. They help see whatever disease your pet has at an early age and provide the proper treatment.

Through the exam, the vet can identify the early signs and stages of diseases (such as arthritis, diabetes, infections, and kidney disease) that have severe consequences when they are not treated on time. Animals are genetically designed to hide pain when they feel it. It is a trait that they have developed since the evolutionary era. This is why it will be difficult for you, as a pet owner, to tell when your pet is ill.

It Can Save You Money

Taking care of a pet can be an expensive task, almost the same as taking care of a human being. As a pet owner, we spend money on food, healthcare, and everything needed to keep them healthy and happy. If you keep up with your pet’s routine exams, the vet can detect an illness early on and this can be more cost effective. This is a reason why pet wellness exams are important. Also, the excellent dietary and lifestyle recommendations given to pet owners at wellness exams are known to improve a pet’s health and are pretty affordable.

Wellness Exams Can Increases Your Pet’s Lifespan

Another great advantage of pet wellness exams is that they help extend your pet’s lifespan. How does this happen? When the vet examines your pet from its head to its tail, they check their overall health. They look for signs and symptoms that are detrimental to their health and can land them in a critical condition. If these signs are found, especially at an early stage, your pet will be treated immediately.

They Protect Pets from Diseases that are Detrimental to their Health

The best way to save your pets from life-threatening diseases or illnesses that make them uncomfortable is by going for a pet wellness exam routinely. The more you communicate with your veterinarian, the better they will understand your pet’s needs. The exams can be adjusted depending on your animal’s stage of life and can help them stay healthy for a long time.

Contact Arab Veterinary Hospital to Schedule a Pet Wellness Exam

The best way to keep your pet healthy and safe is through pet wellness exams. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is healthy and that they receive the necessary treatments that they deserve. Ultimately, prevention is better than cure, so go for prevention.

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