Experience Cat and Dog Boarding at its Finest

Pet boarding at Arab Veterinary Hospital is like no other facility in the area. We serve pets of Cullman, Guntersville, Huntsville and Blountsville with a unique boarding philosophy that champions the idea of play. Our cat and dog boarding townhouse allows pets to experience an environment of comfort, compassion, safety, and uninhibited play.

What We Offer

Our boarding facility is located inside Thompson Hall and provides spacious (and separate!) areas for dogs, cats and just about any other species who needs a temporary home away from home. Any creature that can be comfortable in one of our kennels can stay with us! We’ve housed exotic pets such as lizards and turtles, birds such as parrots and parakeets, and even wildlife!

We feature:

  • Personal dog kennels and townhouses
  • A sunken playground area for daycare for dogs
  • An outdoor area with a splash pad for dogs
  • Secluded, two-level cat condos with patios that go outside
  • Separate facilities for sick pets or those who require hospitalization*

*If your pet has special needs or is diabetic, we have trained staff always available to administer medications and any special requests as needed.

dog boarding in arab, al
dog standing in tunnel

What's Included in Your Pet Boarding Package

No matter which facility your pet is residing in, they will receive the best standards of care from our devoted staff. Your pet’s boarding experience includes:

  • Food is provided (unless your pet requires a special prescription diet)
  • Probiotic supplements over each meal
  • Bedding (We prefer owners not bring bedding from home)
  • Individual Playtime/Exercise
  • Supervised group playtime following necessary introductions
  • Multi-point exam (at no additional cost)
  • Bath prior to dismissal (at no additional cost)

You are also allowed to bring toys from home so your pet has familiar items to play with during their stay.

Boarding Requirements

Pets do not have to be patients of ours in order to board with us. There are a few requirements for boarding:

  • Make sure your pet is up-to-date on their recent vaccinations.
  • Pets should also be free from external and internal parasites and be current with their parasite preventatives.

Should you have any further questions about our cat and dog boarding facility, or whether we can accommodate your pet and their needs, please contact us today.

"The doctors and staff at AVH are phenomenal! They have shown the utmost care for my animals as well as my family. I couldn’t ask for my dogs and cats to be in any better care than they have provided for years. Highly, highly recommend!" - Chris H.

"Can't begin to say how awesome everyone is. So amazing. ALL staff was fantastic. They love your dog too! The doctors are incredible and gave my dog a new life. They are always there when you call and I thank you all so much." - Elizabeth H.

"Took my goat in for an exam. Dr. Harney took his time and held a real conversion with me about his health. I feel some doctors just scan over your animal then tell you do this thing. But Dr. Harney took time to go over options and testing and treatments. 10/10 will recommend." - Elise R.

"The place is gorgeous! I could hang out on their porch swings all afternoon, but the love and care of the staff far exceed all of their beautiful decor and furnishings! We love the Browns!" - Melissa C.

"Excellent facility, excellent Veterinarians and staff. I would not take my pets to any other veterinary practice. Thank you Dr. Brown and Dr. Zeiger and everyone at Arab Veterinary Hospital for making a trip to the vet both informative and friendly!" - Charlie H.

"We brought our dachshund Emily in just before New Year’s for emergency care because she was unable to move her left side.  Dr. Zeiger helped guide us in choosing an appropriate medical plan and a therapeutic response interval.  The third day, we began to see the improvement he had hoped for.  She continues to improve and now only has a slight limp.  I want to thank him for his insightful care and compassion during a difficult time for our family.  His love for animals was evident that day and very much appreciated.  We are so very thankful he was available." - Nikki B