Providing End of Life Care for Pets

The end of a pet’s life can come in many different ways, whether a terminal illness, a chronic condition that can no longer be managed, or simply a ripe old age. Regardless of your pet’s condition, the end is never an easy thing to accept. At Arab Veterinary Hospital, we help families in the Guntersville, Decatur, and Cullman areas address end of life care for pets. We offer both palliative and hospice care services as well as pet euthanasia.


Managing Your Pet’s Quality of Life

There are two types of end of life care for pets that help to manage quality of life. One is palliative care, which involves making your pet comfortable while they are undergoing treatment for their illness or condition. The other is hospice care, which involves making your pet comfortable after we stop treatments. Both of these usually involve pain medications, supplements, or therapies such as laser therapy and they help manage your pet’s pain so that their quality of life remains high. It is once these methods of care stop working and your pet is in pain, immobile, and cannot enjoy their life anymore that we suggest euthanasia.

Making the Decision for Euthanasia

While it is one of the hardest decisions any pet owner has to make, euthanasia can also be the most humane option. When your pet’s quality of life has deteriorated so much so that hospice care is no longer helping them with their pain and mobility, euthanasia is the next step. It is important for owners to put their pet’s suffering above their own. While it is hard to say goodbye, it is also very hard to watch a pet suffer.

Finding Comfort in Our Comfort Room

Throughout your decision, the team at Arab Veterinary Hospital is always here to walk you through all the options and talk with you about the euthanasia procedure. We can perform euthanasia in our clinic’s Comfort Room which we designed to give your family and your pet complete privacy. It is set up like a living room with cozy furniture, a TV, and private entrance and exit. When we come to administer the euthanasia, you can either stay or step out if you prefer. The euthanasia happens very quickly and acts as an anesthetic. It blocks pain signals, sedates your pet into a deep sleep, and then stops the heart altogether. Your pet never feels a thing.

After-Care Options

After the procedure, you will need to have plans in place for what to do with your pet’s remains. Cremation or burial are both options, and it depends on your family's preference. Please have your after-care plans arranged prior to your pet’s scheduled euthanasia. Since saying goodbye is very difficult, it will help to have the plans laid out ahead of time.

Should you need to discuss any element of end of life care for pets, please get in touch with our compassionate team and we can help you through this difficult time.


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