Helping Your Pet Look and Feel Their Best with Pet Grooming Services

Your pet’s coat and skin need regular washing and care. Even cats, who typically clean themselves, can benefit extensively from our pet grooming services. Our team features a professional groomer with years of experience in the field and who skillfully delivers gentle, compassionate care to pets. Grooming your pet at Arab Veterinary Hospital not only gives them a special clean and trim, it helps groomers identify any potential skin and coat abnormalities.

American cocker spaniel is taking a shower at home. Woman cleans a paw to a dog

Our Professional Pet Grooming Services

We tailor our grooming services to each individual pet. Pets can take (or not take) to grooming at different levels, so our staff adjusts their techniques so each pet feels comfortable throughout the procedure. We have the ability to groom just about any pet that can be groomed, whether a dog who needs a bath or a bird who needs their nails and wings clipped! Our professional services include:

  • Anal gland expressions (dogs only)
  • Breed-specific cuts, or specialty cuts based on owner preference
  • Dematting
  • Ear cleaning
  • Full bath (with medicated shampoo for those who have allergies)
  • Brush-out or blow-out depending on breed
  • Medicated flea bath
  • Nail trimming (for just about any pet with nails)
  • Teeth cleaning

Our groomers will aim to perform all services to the best of their ability. However, if your pet is aggressive or reluctant to receive a certain service, we will not force them. We will notify you before pick-up if there were any services we were not able to complete and will not charge for services not performed. For future visits, our expert team can offer you suggestions for how to lessen your pet’s anxiety toward grooming services!

Grooming Requirements

Just as with boarding, it is important that your pet be up-to-date on their vaccinations so we can keep them and our other guests safe. If you think that your pet may be aggressive or reluctant to receive grooming treatments, please do not hesitate to contact us first so we can make suggestions to help your pet stay calm. Our staff is skilled in low-stress handling and we will do our best to keep them happy and comfortable throughout our services.


Arab Veterinary Hospital

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