Photo Gallery

Welcome to our photo gallery! Take a peek into our marvelous animal hospital with its unique amenities, warm atmosphere, and dedicated staff. While our photo gallery can give you an accurate idea of what to expect at our animal hospital, they don't quite do it justice. We built Arab Veterinary Hospital with a special vision: we wanted it to cater to our clients' sense of home. So, we built it as a true comfort lodge.

We completely replaced the cold clinical feel that so many practices have with cozy features including a fireplace, rocking chairs, a full kitchen, our staff's family pictures and festive decorations to match every season. Most importantly, our attentive and compassionate staff is here to care for your loved ones and bring decades of experience to our practice.

We also feature a luxurious and spacious boarding facility suitable for cats, dogs the occasional bird, and other small domestic animals. Guests also have plenty of outdoor space where they can play and get the exercise they need. Unique to Arab Veterinary Hospital is our Hallmark Safehouse, which features a large tornado shelter. Built in 2011 after we experienced severe tornado damage earlier that year, the Safehouse is the only one in the area that accepts both people and their pets. It can comfortably house 26 people and their pets.

Our hospital is more than a building, it's an experience and is best enjoyed when you visit us yourself! Have a look through the photo gallery and then contact us to make your appointment today!

"The doctors and staff at AVH are phenomenal! They have shown the utmost care for my animals as well as my family. I couldn’t ask for my dogs and cats to be in any better care than they have provided for years. Highly, highly recommend!" - Chris H.

"Can't begin to say how awesome everyone is. So amazing. ALL staff was fantastic. They love your dog too! The doctors are incredible and gave my dog a new life. They are always there when you call and I thank you all so much." - Elizabeth H.

"Took my goat in for an exam. Dr. Harney took his time and held a real conversion with me about his health. I feel some doctors just scan over your animal then tell you do this thing. But Dr. Harney took time to go over options and testing and treatments. 10/10 will recommend." - Elise R.

"The place is gorgeous! I could hang out on their porch swings all afternoon, but the love and care of the staff far exceed all of their beautiful decor and furnishings! We love the Browns!" - Melissa C.

"Excellent facility, excellent Veterinarians and staff. I would not take my pets to any other veterinary practice. Thank you Dr. Brown and Dr. Zeiger and everyone at Arab Veterinary Hospital for making a trip to the vet both informative and friendly!" - Charlie H.

"We brought our dachshund Emily in just before New Year’s for emergency care because she was unable to move her left side.  Dr. Zeiger helped guide us in choosing an appropriate medical plan and a therapeutic response interval.  The third day, we began to see the improvement he had hoped for.  She continues to improve and now only has a slight limp.  I want to thank him for his insightful care and compassion during a difficult time for our family.  His love for animals was evident that day and very much appreciated.  We are so very thankful he was available." - Nikki B