Veterinarian Near South Huntsville, AL

Arab Veterinary Hospital serves Arab and South Huntsville, AL as well as the surrounding areas. Our veterinarian believes in providing cats, dogs, and their people much more than veterinary medicine. We are the flagship of relational medicine, a practice that places relationships first in everything we do. Cultivating a deeper relationship with you and your pet allows us to provide personalized medicine that helps your pet live their best life. Furthermore, our animal hospital is designed with home comforts in mind and whenever you visit, you’ll be welcomed as family. Give us a call at (256) 586-3183 and make an appointment today!

veterinarian near south huntsville, al

Full-Service Veterinary Care

Our veterinarians serve South Huntsville, AL cats and dogs with full-service veterinary care. Also, we provide limited services for reptiles, birds, small mammals, cattle, small ruminants, and horses, too. Here’s a full list of what we offer:

Luxury Cat & Dog Boarding in South Huntsville, AL

Whether you’re heading out of town, or are simply looking to treat your pet to some personalized pampering, we can help! Our boarding facility champions the idea of play, meaning your pet will enjoy a stimulating, as well as relaxing experience. We offer boarding for dogs, cats, and any other species who need a home away from home. Dogs enjoy spacious personal kennels and townhouse, a sunken area to play in, and an outdoor area with a splash pad. All dogs are always supervised by our trained staff to ensure their safety. Cats are boarded in a separate area that features two-level cat condos with patios that let your cat go (safely) outside. For any other pet, we’ll discuss their boarding needs with you and accommodate them as best we can!

Pampering Pets with Spa-Like Grooming Services

Our cat and dog grooming services are performed by professional groomers. Grooming improves your pet’s quality of life by removing dirt, allergens, and other irritants that can cause discomfort. Additionally, with a clean, well-maintained coat, pets can avoid painful matting and can even control their body temperature better. Grooming also gives us the opportunity to examine your pet's coat and skin, which can help us detect lumps and bumps, parasites, and more.