Veterinarian Near Albertville, AL

At Arab Veterinary Hospital near Albertville, AL, we offer an experience that makes people and their pets feel at home. We understand the importance of relaxation and how it affects our patients' health. Therefore, our veterinarians and staff go the extra mile to provide them with all the comforts they deserve. In addition, we have an experienced veterinary team to give your pet highly personalized care, and a wide variety of services to sustain their health for as long as possible. Call us today at (256) 586-3183.

veterinarian near albertville, al

Practicing Relational Medicine for Higher Quality Care

Relationships are critical to quality medicine. Our veterinarian near Albertville is dedicated to re-energizing the veterinary profession through strong, lasting relationships with pets and their owners. In order to help build these relationships, our practice was designed to function as a “second home” that treats you like family.

Our Large Variety of Pet Care Services

We want to make sure that your pet has access to all the services they need (or might need) to live their life to the fullest. Our services include:

Comprehensive Care for Every Individual Pet

Arab Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer its services not just to dogs and cats, but also to exotics, horses and livestock. Every animal deserves comprehensive medicine that covers every crucial need, from disease prevention and parasite control to surgery and dentistry. We also have a treatment area dedicated solely to emergencies. So if your pet ever needs immediate care during our regular business hours, just call us at (256) 586-3183 and we’ll be ready to receive you.