Thorough & Compassionate Pet Wellness Care

Whether your pet comes to Arab Veterinary Hospital for a wellness exam, surgery, boarding, or daycare, we give them a 100-point inspection, covering nose-to-tail and everything in between. Thoroughness in pet wellness care is especially important as it keeps us from missing key elements of your pet’s health. We know it can be challenging to bring your pet to see us biannually and even annually, but since pets age faster than we do, 6-12 months is a much longer gap than it seems. That’s why we want to make every visit to our animal hospital near Guntersville not just tolerable but downright enjoyable.

Pet Wellness Care in Arab: Vet Holding Dog
Pet Wellness Care in Arab: Pig
Pet Wellness Care in Arab: Vet Examines Dog
Pet Wellness Care in Arab: Goat

A Place Promoting Comfort and Wellness

Our comfort lodge facility is built to be a peaceful place in which to heal. Each pet is treated with the utmost compassion and gentle handling techniques. We want your pet to remember good experiences and look forward to their next visit with us! Stress also distorts lab results and makes exams difficult, so keeping your pet calm and relaxed is a high priority. Our wellness exam rooms provide comfortable accommodations for both you and your pet so you can feet right at home.

A typical pet wellness care exam includes:

  • 100-point physical inspection
  • Blood work
  • Fecal exam to test for parasites
  • Vaccinations if needed
  • Nutritional or behavioral suggestions if needed
  • Lameness exams for horses

Lifetime Wellness Through Life Stage Care

Your pet’s needs change as they age, so we adjust our care to suit them.

Puppy and kitten care – puppies and kittens require a physical, deworming, a vaccination schedule, and parasite prevention. We will also talk to you about your pet’s nutrition, socialization, as well as their home environment. As always, we're here to answer any questions you have.

Adult pets – adult animals are usually in peak condition, but they still require annual visits to us. Vaccinations need to stay current, as well as parasite prevention, both of which will last throughout their lives.

Senior pets – older pets can deteriorate rapidly if illness takes hold, so it’s important to keep a close eye on their health. We highly recommend seeing old pets semiannually to ensure they stay healthy and their quality of life is maintained. Additionally, semiannual exams allow us to administer a 6-month heartworm preventive injection which protects pets from this dangerous parasite.

Building a Relationship with You

In addition to our efforts in earning the trust of your pet, we take our time to earn yours. We want to hear from you about any changes in your pet’s health or behavior. You know your pet better than anyone and can tell when they aren’t their normal selves. The more communication we have with you, the better we can understand your pet’s needs. That’s why we highly value our relationship with our clients and strive to build a partnership in caring for your pet.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our animal hospital. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

"The doctors and staff at AVH are phenomenal! They have shown the utmost care for my animals as well as my family. I couldn’t ask for my dogs and cats to be in any better care than they have provided for years. Highly, highly recommend!" - Chris H.

"Can't begin to say how awesome everyone is. So amazing. ALL staff was fantastic. They love your dog too! The doctors are incredible and gave my dog a new life. They are always there when you call and I thank you all so much." - Elizabeth H.

"Took my goat in for an exam. Dr. Harney took his time and held a real conversion with me about his health. I feel some doctors just scan over your animal then tell you do this thing. But Dr. Harney took time to go over options and testing and treatments. 10/10 will recommend." - Elise R.

"The place is gorgeous! I could hang out on their porch swings all afternoon, but the love and care of the staff far exceed all of their beautiful decor and furnishings! We love the Browns!" - Melissa C.

"Excellent facility, excellent Veterinarians and staff. I would not take my pets to any other veterinary practice. Thank you Dr. Brown and Dr. Zeiger and everyone at Arab Veterinary Hospital for making a trip to the vet both informative and friendly!" - Charlie H.


Arab Veterinary Hospital

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