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Cutting-edge treatments in an eco-friendly space; building strong bonds and lasting relationships.

Step into Care at Arab Vet Hospital

Welcome to Arab Veterinary Hospital, where we are not just your local veterinarian, but also a passionate team of animal enthusiasts dedicated to delivering unparalleled care for your cherished pets. Led by Dr. J. Michael Brown, our hospital embodies a deep love for animals, from our environmentally conscious facility to our personalized approach to veterinary medicine.

In 2015, we underwent a transformative journey, creating a state-of-the-art facility representing our commitment to excellence. Our hospital stands as a haven for pets and owners alike. With a blend of modern technology and sustainable solutions, our solar-powered rooms are a testament to our eco-friendly efforts. We even offer an underground tornado shelter for protection and peace of mind. You and your pet’s safety and comfort matter to us.

Dr. Brown sums up our philosophy perfectly: “It’s an alternative to commercialized corporate medicine… We call it relational medicine. We look at veterinary care for pets as a door through which we interact with families—people and their children and their pets. It’s relationships that matter in life.”

Read more of Dr. Brown’s interview with The Team Magazine here.

Meet Doctor J. Michael Brown

Dr. J. Michael Brown assumed the leadership role at Arab Veterinary Hospital just before graduating from Auburn University in 1983. He has long considered this a privilege and opportunity of a lifetime. Practicing veterinary medicine in this small, conservative town with our team for more than three decades has given Dr. Brown satisfaction, purpose, and, frankly, more entertainment than any one person should ever enjoy.

Through the years, this practice has prospered, embracing advancements in the field. Great strides in technology and technique have given rise to the private practitioner’s amazing opportunities to advance in general practice.

Still, Dr. Brown has remained grounded in his true practice philosophy. He will be quick to say that the art of practicing quality veterinary medicine and surgeries is not about raw numbers, data, and target milestones, but rather, it is the art of understanding one’s place. He respects that this profession is merely the conduit through which he can forge lasting and meaningful relationships with clients.

He will also tell you veterinary medicine is a fun-filled, fast-paced, challenging occupation, but ultimately, it is the friendships, old and new, that bring the most joy and offer the greatest reward.

Our Comprehensive Services

Whether it’s pet regenerative medicine, wellness exams, or boarding, we offer the services area pets need. We care for cats, dogs, rabbits, pocket pets, avians, exotics, and equines in Arab and the surrounding areas.

A Warm Welcome to Every Client

At Arab Veterinary Hospital, our mission extends beyond medical care. We deeply value the bond between you and your pets, whether they’re furry, feathered, or scaled. From your very first visit, you’ll experience a unique warmth and personal touch.

It’s not just about healthcare—it’s about building a community. Here, our professionals treat you and your pet like part of our extended family.

While we stand ready to assist your pets, we encourage you to call and book an appointment. This ensures our team is well-prepared for your visit and can deliver the attentive care your pet deserves.

The Cutting Edge: Pet Regenerative Therapy

Dive deep into the possibilities of modern veterinary medicine. At Arab Veterinary Hospital, we proudly offer pet regenerative therapy, harnessing the potential of stem cells to treat ailments and enhance the overall well-being of your beloved pet.

Amy S.
Amy S.
Uncommonly Kind!! It has been a VERY long time since we have had a vet who quite literally will sit with us to discuss our pet's health and any questions or concerns we might have and that is just what he did! I left feeling very confident in the plan he gave me and that was really refreshing. During our time in the office I even witnessed a gentleman come in to pick up medication. He had questions, so the vet asked the receptionist to place him in a room and proceeded to allow the man to ask his questions and gave him a full run-down of the medication and how to use it. They had a fire burning in the fireplace, Christmas music playing on their sound system throughout the facility, and beautiful decorations all over. From beginning to end, an absolutely lovely experience. This was only our first visit and very much look forward to all others in the future! Our cat Willow (pictured on the right) certainly seemed to be a fan, as well! Thank you so much!
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones
The whole staff are awesome! The doctor and his whole staff are just so friendly! I've used them twice now for multiple feral cats. God's Feral Felines sent me to them for feral feline program and I'm absolutely pleased!
Happily Retired
Happily Retired
Dr Brown and his staff are the best. We’ve used them the entire time they’ve lived here and they’re always great but recently he saved our dog’s life after she ate a chew rope. We didn’t know this happened but noticed her not eating. By the time we realized there was an issue half the rope was in her stomach and the other half was in her intestines. Dr Brown did surgery and removed the rope and saved her life. After a week in their care she’s almost fully healed. Thank you! Also Dr Brown is very involved with kids interested in being a vet. He allowed our son to observe a surgery and he helps the kids from the local schools who are enrolled in veterinary classes. Thanks for all you do!
Keith and Donna Pritchett
Keith and Donna Pritchett
Dr. Brown and his team are always so good to our family and take exceptional care of our animals.
nisslo yeltsin
nisslo yeltsin
It’s such a lovely place and they took our little cat seriously.
Mallory Alberti
Mallory Alberti
Absolutely wonderful!! Dr. Brown is the absolute best!! A vet in our community that truly cares!
Very friendly and personal
Kathy Patton
Kathy Patton
We are very pleased with the services and professional treatment of our pets. Dr Brown and staff are so friendly and kind. We totally encourage people in need of pet services or boarding to contact their office!!! 🤗

Your Trusted Veterinarian in Arab

When you choose Arab Veterinary Hospital, you’re choosing more than just a “vet near you.” You’re choosing a partner in your pet’s well-being, a friend who understands the unique bond you share with your animals.

Call to schedule your pet’s first appointment and discover the Arab Veterinary Hospital difference today!

Arab Veterinary Hospital offers pet wellness care, rehabilitation, regenerative therapy, and more to cats, dogs, rabbits, pocket pets, avians, exotics, and equines in Arab, Cherokee Ridge, Guntersville, Baileyton, Union Grove, Morgan City, and the surrounding areas.