Equine Care

Majestic Steeds, Exceptional Care: Your Trusted Equine Veterinarian in Arab

Equine Care

Majestic Steeds, Exceptional Care: Your Trusted Equine Veterinarian in Arab

Embodying power and grace, horses have stood by humanity as noble companions for centuries. At Arab Veterinary Hospital, our admiration for these magnificent creatures drives our commitment to providing exceptional care tailored to their needs. Recognizing the intricate bond between horses and their caregivers, we aim to be a healthcare provider and your go-to equine veterinarian, ensuring the well-being of these majestic animals.

Comprehensive Equine Health Care

Understanding the complex health needs of horses, we offer a diverse range of veterinary services, each meticulously designed to ensure your horse’s well-being.

Physical Exam: Our expert veterinarians perform a rigorous equine physical exam assessing your horse’s overall health, spotlighting potential concerns, and ensuring they are in peak condition.

Coggins Testing: A vital test for those traveling with horses or participating in equestrian events. It screens for equine infectious anemia, keeping your horse and others safe.

Vaccinations: We tailor our equine vaccination services to guard against equine-specific diseases, ensuring robust health and protection against potential outbreaks.

Dental Care: Like humans, horses benefit from regular dental check-ups. We offer thorough equine dental care examinations and procedures to guarantee your horse’s oral health.

Laceration Care: Horses are active, and minor injuries can occur. We provide prompt and meticulous equine laceration care, minimizing complications and ensuring swift healing.

Equine Lameness Exam: Analyzing gait and posture, we diagnose and treat conditions causing pain or movement issues in horses.

Pregnancy: We provide expert equine pregnancy services. From initial confirmation to prenatal care and delivery support, we stand by your mare, ensuring a safe and healthy foaling process.

Your Trusted Equine Veterinarian

The majesty of horses demands the highest level of care. Our team, armed with knowledge and a genuine passion for equine health, is ready to offer unparalleled service. At Arab Veterinary Hospital, every gallop, trot, and whinny is close to our hearts.

Embark on a journey of equine health excellence with us today. Schedule an appointment with us today, and together, we can ensure a life of vigor and vitality for your equine friend!

Arab Veterinary Hospital is your trusted equine veterinarian serving Arab, Cherokee Ridge, Guntersville, Baileyton, Union Grove, Morgan City, and the surrounding areas.