Welcome to Arab Vet Hospital

Welcome to Arab Veterinary Hospital, where we are not just your local veterinarian, but also a passionate team of animal enthusiasts dedicated to delivering unparalleled care for your cherished pets. Founded by Dr. J. Michael Brown, our hospital embodies a deep love for animals, from our environmentally conscious facility to our personalized approach to veterinary medicine.

In 2015, we underwent a transformative journey, creating a state-of-the-art facility representing our commitment to excellence. Our hospital stands as a haven for pets and owners alike. With a blend of modern technology and sustainable solutions, our solar-powered rooms are a testament to our eco-friendly efforts. We even offer an underground tornado shelter for protection and peace of mind. You and your pet’s safety and comfort matter to us.

Dr. Brown sums up our philosophy perfectly: “It’s an alternative to commercialized corporate medicine… We call it relational medicine. We look at veterinary care for pets as a door through which we interact with families—people and their children and their pets. It’s relationships that matter in life.”

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